The Resicom Group
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We are experts at protecting our clients’ brands.

They design and build their stores in such a way as to provide a specific customer experience. We protect that experience through construction and maintenance services tailored to each client’s goals. 

Our three key points of differentiation are:

Defined Accountability.

Accountability is critical in effective maintenance programs. To function well, the vendor must be empowered with the understanding of what the client is and, sometimes more importantly, what they are not. This requires ongoing learning, dialogue, and feedback.

Aligned Communications.

Let’s speak the same language. Maintenance programs need continuity with sharable, accurate information to keep performance consistent through internal and external turnover.

Adapted Structure.

How does your process harness today’s information to create smarter options for tomorrow? Our goal is to build a dynamic learning structure that can adjust and bend to our client’s short term objectives while staying on track toward their long term goals.

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