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    The concrete at the Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center is subject to several potential sources of damage including livestock biowaste, food/beverage waste, and freeze/thaw and salt damage for the exterior walkways and patios. PoreShield SME-PS helps protect it by preventing the moisture and ions from these hazards from getting into the concrete and causing cracking or other damage.

    In July 2021, PoreShield SME-PS was first applied to concrete pavements outside the Glass Barn, a unique educational center filled with fun, interactive exhibits on Indiana farming at the Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center. This high-traffic, public area of the fairgrounds also must maintain a certain aesthetic.

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PoreShield™ (SME-PS) is a new, revolutionary concrete durability enhancer that creates a new category of concreate protection. It is a long-term durability enhancer that protects pores to prevent premature concrete failure.

While other technologies coat the surface, PoreShield fills pores with a viscous, hydrophobic liquid which doesn’t set or cure, providing 10+ years of protection below the surface from moisture and ion ingress. Once absorbed into pores, PoreShield migrates to any new cracks or damage as it forms, providing lasting protection in even the harshest environments. In fact, DOT research shows PoreShield extends the life of concrete 5x-9x.

No matter the age, density, size, shape or location of your concrete, PoreShield simply performs with a diverse array of applications including sidewalks, driveways, patios, pavers and retaining walls.

A USDA BioPreferred™ product, PoreShield is low in VOC, at 43.3 g/L, well below national standards. It doesn’t require PPE to apply. Contractors enjoy its safety profile of no fumes, no skin burns, and easy cleanup with soap and water. It is safe for the environment with no concern for overspray onto land or water.

With unmatched innovation, PoreShield protects all types of concrete from damage caused by excess moisture, coastal or deicing salts, as well as salt scaling, “concrete cancer,” freeze/thaw deterioration, ASR, calcium oxychloride formation, and a variety of other deterioration mechanisms caused by fluid and ion ingress.


This communication is funded by soybean checkoff dollars.

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