Connex Suppliers - Update your profile on Connex's Online Buyer's Guide

PostedWednesday, April 3, 2019 at 2:09 PM

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Connex Suppliers - Update your profile on Connex's Online Buyer's Guide

Connex retailers use the Online Buyers Guide to find the suppliers they need. Connex has developed a new, robust online Buyers Guide and every Connex supplier must update their profile on the new Buyers Guide to appear in search results. Supplier categories from the old online Buyers Guide have not been transferred to the new Buyers Guide. Suppliers must update their profile to appear in search results.

The online Buyers Guide enables retailers to quickly search for a specific need and receive targeted, accurate results. Plus, the new Buyers Guide provides suppliers multiple ways to promote their company and services.

Connex suppliers should contact Mohanna Sales representatives at to update their Buyers Guide profile. This will include: contact information, services provided, products sold, etc. Mohanna will explain how suppliers can easily upload additional information, add photos and even create a micro website inside the Connex Buyers Guide.

When a supplier has set up a profile on the Buyers Guide, they can easily login anytime to make updates, load photos or add news announcements to their profile.

“We have worked with the Connex Sourcing Committee to develop the new Buyers Guide,” said Bruce Condit, PRSM’s VP of Marketing and Communications. “Retail Procurement executives, along with Connex suppliers on the committee, worked to develop a category structure that will deliver highly accurate results and allow retailers to download lists of suppliers generated by a search.”

However, Condit explained further, the accuracy of the Buyers Guide is dependent upon suppliers updating and maintaining their Buyers Guide profiles. “Every Connex supplier needs to contact Mohanna to update their profile and to learn about other features in the Buyers Guide,” Condit said.

The Connex Sourcing Committee will make a presentation about the new Buyers Guide, in the Exhibit Hall at PRSM2019 National Conference, Tuesday, April 30 at 4 P.M. The presentation will demonstrate how retailers can use the Buyers Guide and how suppliers can enhance their profiles to reach out to retailers and provide more information than ever before.