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Harrison Contracting Company was incorporated in March of 1995. We began in Agricultural Facilities Maintenance. The roots of the company were started by Deryl Harrison in the mid 60's. Over the years he worked with a variety of Agricultural companies repainting feed mills, silos, and all types of industrial and commercial projects. He started our vision of being industry leaders by saying "We may be a bunch of painters, but we don't have to look like it!". From that quote forward, we have strived to improve the image of the painting industry and maintain our image with just as high of standards as you have for yours.

HCC grew into the new construction market by painting its very first commercial project, a new construction Publix store on West Paces Ferry in the Atlanta area. From that point we grew our new construction division to service a variety of retail, commercial office, government, medical, and industrial painting services.

Through our relationships with national retailer new construction teams, we developed our rollout re-image department in 1997. Starting with national big-box retailers in the southeast, we now partner with a variety of big-box, small box, and many in between size retail companies developing rollout programs to maintain and even re-image their facilities. This diversification served us well through the recession of 2008-2011. Without this part of our business, we would have been hard pressed to keep the ball rolling on new construction alone. Luckily, since the downturn, new construction has returned to a healthy level and we work with both general contractors and direct owners throughout the country.

Through the decades, our core team has grown to a head count of well over 100 and has re-located twice as we have needed to expand to service our clients. Along with the home office expansions and relocations, we opened new divisions in Destin and Tampa, Florida; Savannah, Georgia, and most recently in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. These moves have served us well to help expand our service offerings and support network.

We believe that by doing what we say we will do, and striving to deliver more than is expected, we believe we provide our clients what they desire: exceptional service that translates into an enhanced expe­rience for their customers. Wheth­er you call it responsiveness, de­pendability or reputation, our goal is to take those unique extra steps that set us apart as a trade part­ner not just a painter. You’ll see our crews in clean painters’ pants, bright red shirts, and immaculate­ly clean red trucks. At HCC, we’re changing the definition of “red.” Some may say we’re excessive, but we call it “intentional” because we understand our customers take great care of their image, and so do we! So, while some think the red is a fetish, its actually our culture. We define red as Reliable, Experi­enced and Diligent, and it’s woven into everything we do to provide added value.

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